Digital Conductivity Meters

We offer a huge variety of Digital Conductivity/TDS Meters to our customers. Highly accurate and stable, these are offered in field and lab models. These meters help to measure frequency and have adjustment facility in cell constant. We offer these meters in 5 ranges with model conductivity features. Our product has a weight of 2 kg with the dimension of 85 x 28 x 165 mm. In this, our range includes conductivity/TDS meters, photo colori meters, digital Ph meters, spectrophotometers and turbidity meters.


Salient Features

Model Conductivity
LT16 Table Model
LT17 Portable Model
Display 3 1/2 Digit LED 3 1/2 Digit LCD
Range 5 Ranges
0 – 1000 Mohs/cm
2 Ranges
2 & 20 Mohs/cm
Temperature Compensation Manual 0-50oC
Cell Constrant Adjustment Adjustable Pre Adjustable
Conductivity Cell Platinum DIP Platinum DIP
Measuring Frequency 1000 Hz 1000 Hz
Accuracy +1% FSI +1% FSI
Power 230v + 10% 1 x 9V Battery
Dimensions 76 x 275 x 175 mm 85 x 28 x 165 mm
Weight 2 kg. (Approx.) 0.8 kg. (Approx.)
Accessories Conductivity Cell,Operation Manual, Dust Cover


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